Holistic Psychology

Dr. Amanda Baten

Dr. Baten provides a safe place to help people develop new strategies to change old patterns that are not working in their lives. She also believes that a person needs to be treated holistically to support behavioral change through eating, dietary habits, and lifestyle.

Identify Negative Beliefs

To Stimulate Emotional Growth

Dr. Baten helps people learn to identify dysfunctional beliefs that lead to negative consequences in mood and behavior and stimulate emotional growth by teaching people to replace their self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and actions with new and more effective ones. She also helps people to replace poor food and lifestyle choices with new and effective choices.

Let’s Work Together

Clinical & Nutritional Psychology NYC

Dr. Baten counsels individuals to be responsible for their own emotions; empowering them to change and overcome their unhealthy behaviors that interfere with the ability to enjoy life. She believes that the whole person, their physical health, emotional wellbeing, spirituality, career, relationships, and general life satisfaction need to be considered in reaching optimal mental health.

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